A Woman and Her Dog

segment of letterHome fires can happen anywhere, at anytime and leave even the most prepared person feeling victimized. Many fire victims experience shock and worry among a number of other emotions in a fire’s aftermath, and it’s important for them to know that someone cares about them and their well-being. Last October, a Columbus woman found out just how valuable that kind of care and support can be.

Melissa’s life changed when her condo caught fire, injuring herself and her dog, Bullet. The fire started when when candles came into contact with curtains. 

Despite being forced to spend time in the hospital, Melissa has managed to find one bright spot in this disaster – the American Red Cross. After being reluctant to accept assistance at the scene of the fire, Melissa decided to turn to the Red Cross for support while she was hospitalized, including food, clothing and shoes for when she was released, as well as food for Bullet. Melissa was so happy with her experience with the Red Cross she wrote a letter expressing gratitude .

It’s clear through Melissa’s words that she understands the severity of the fire and just how precious life truly is. Both she and Bullet have done well in the aftermath of the fire and plans were made to have the condo refurbished. Thankfully for Melissa, she’s had family, friends and the Red Cross providing the care and support needed to help her get back on her feet.

This October, as we recognize Fire Prevention Month,the Red Cross encourages you to take a moment to review your family’s disaster plan. Download a fire prevention and safety checklist and practice your escape plan.

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