A Legacy of Generosity

Chartered by congress as the official organization to handle disaster relief operations, the American Red Cross steps into the national eye as a force for good and service in the face of atrocity.  Never was our role more important or more evident than in the days, weeks, and months following the September 11thterrorist attacks.

Red Cross volunteer assists a rescue worker at ground zero.

 Following the attacks, the United States and the world teamed together in an unprecedented show of generosity, donating more than a billion dollars to aid the families affected by this disaster. This money became the Liberty Disaster Relief Fund, which helped the Red Cross mount a massive relief operation in New York, DC, and Pennsylvania, as well as creating the September 11 Recovery Program to provide assistance for over five years. By 2006, the Red Cross had helped nearly 60,000 families through this fund. Because the World Trade Center was a hub of international business and finance, many families outside the U.S. directly experienced the terror and loss from the atrocity. The September 11 Recovery Program provided services to over 500 individuals from other countries affected in the international office space. 

You can continue to support the mission of the Red Cross in the face of future disasters by donating to help fund programs like Community Disaster Education, Emergency Services, and Blood Services—right here in Central Ohio. Donate here. Volunteer here. Give Blood here.

Learn more about the Red Cross response to 9-11 here. Read stories from Red Cross 9-11 responders here.

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