Tips for Extension Cord Safety

In the last several months alone, our volunteers have responded to many home fires believed to be caused by the misuse of extension cords. Here are some safety tips recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Implementing these tips will reduce your risk for preventable, extension cord fires.

  •  Avoid connecting multiple sets of extension cords together for extra length.
  •  Do not run cords under rugs or furniture. This increases the likelihood of overheating and eventual fire.
  •  Don’t use old or damaged cords.
  •  Don’t exceed the total wattage rating by plugging in too many appliances.
  •  Don’t leave prongs exposed, even partly, when the cord is in use.
  •  Don’t use staples or nails to attach extension cords to any surface.
  •  Don’t overload cords, which can lead to overheating.
  •  Replace cords that are cracked or frayed.
  • Don’t run cords near heaters or radiators.
  • Make sure you have the right cord for the job. Don’t use light-duty extension cords for large wattage needs, like air conditioners or freezers.

Find more fire safety tips at our website.

Thanks to Sharon, Disaster Action Team volunteer, for writing this post!

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