Fire Safety Steals the Spotlight

Elementary schoolers learn about fire safety during lunch.

Even the famous face disaster, just ask country star Trace Adkins. He and his family lost their home this June to a fire that began in the garage. Luckily, his three daughters knew exactly what to do to get out safe.


Rhonda Adkins, the singer’s wife and mother of the three girls said: “”They ran to their safe place like we practiced, in the front yard at a big tree, and it worked. You know, fire safety is so important, and today we used it.” (via CNN)

The American Red Cross has continual efforts throughout the US to teach youth what to do in case of fire. And right here in Columbus, our very own Community Disaster Education team goes into local schools, camps, and churches to instruct youth on the importance of fire safety. “As adults we don’t realize, because it seems like common knowledge, but kids have to learn this stuff somewhere,” said Anne Hemphill, a Community Disaster Education AmeriCorps member with the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus.


With several programs, including puppet shows and interactive games, the Community Disaster Education Team has great success engaging kids and making sure that vital information gets across to them. “A little girl stopped me in the grocery store and said ‘you’re the guy who taught me about smoke detectors,” said Tola Gaiusbayode, a second-year AmeriCorps member with the team.


 Learn more about Community Disaster Education here in Columbus. And schedule a CDE presentation for your classroom, scout troop, or club; it could save a life!


Thanks to CNN for story content.

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