Emergency Instruction in the Palm of Your Hand

We are moving into what is known as “trauma season” in the medical profession; namely the summer months where people are swimming, boating, setting off firecrackers, and driving cross-country. With the flurry of activity, comes a host of new dangers and an increased need for trained first responders. The American Red Cross has teamed up with Dr. Oz (of Oprah fame) and the medical website Sharecare to develop a new app that will assist those first responders.

S.O.S by the American Red Cross” is a free app (available only for Android mobile devices) designed to provide real-time emergency care instructions. Dr. Oz demonstrates more than 30 protocols for the most common emergency care situations. Users receive step-by-step instructions and 3-D animations for more difficult protocols. An additional Resource Guide provides detailed instructions for more than 50 common emergency situations. In addition to the emergency protocols and resource guide, the S.O.S. app features 9-1-1 dialing that auto-launches a map with location information, while on the call with the emergency dispatcher. From conscious choking to seizures and CPR to broken bones, there’s an app for that.


Android users can download this free life-saving tool today!


Though the app provides a helpful coach through nerve-racking situations, there is no substitute for thorough training. Get CPR and First Aid trained today, so you are prepared for this year’s trauma season.

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