A busy 24 hours as Red Cross volunteers Assist 32 People

Over the course of one eventful evening, the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus sent disaster volunteers to two fires in Columbus, providing assistance to a total of 32 people.


At 6:30am on May 9th, volunteers arrived on the scene of a five-unit apartment building fire on the far west side. Every apartment in the building sustained damaged, and the twenty-five residents living there at the time included three families with young children.


Upon returning home from work, one of the residents witnessed the window of the apartment across the hall exploding. He acted quickly to alert his family, including four children to get out immediately. Red Cross volunteers provided this family with food, clothing, diapers, toys and a safe place to stay. As soon as he got his family out, the man began running throughout the building knocking on doors and alerting his neighbors; one reason that everyone in the building escaped.


Another apartment in the building housed a single mother and her six children, all under the age of 9. She had been awake with her baby and heard the neighbor pounding on her door, thanks to this warning all of the children made it safely out of the building. The Red Cross provided them with a safe place to stay, diapers, food, clothing and toys for the younger children, as well as comfort kits.


Henry Guzman, and his wife Nydia, were two of the volunteers who responded to the fire. “We took our time to work with everyone involved. Everyone was then referred to the Red Cross client caseworker to make sure that they were taken care of in the coming days,” said Henry. “Almost all of the tenants needed assistance, and they were very, very grateful that the Red Cross was there to provide them with support, food and shelter.”


Later that same day, volunteers were dispatched to another fire, this time  in Reynoldsburg. The seven individuals living in the home that caught fire needed help with food, clothing, and hygiene items, which the Red Cross was able to provide.


In total, the Red Cross was able to provide assistance to the many families affected by both fires. But that money has to come from somewhere. Your donation to the American Red Cross helps us help families right here at home. For just $1.50 you can provide a snack to a child whose home has burned down. Just $3 provides one of the comfort kits that we give to families who have lost even the most basic amenities like toothpaste and soap. For $30 you could provide a clean-up kit with supplies to help a family recover from the extreme damage of smoke and water that are associated with home fires.


It doesn’t take much to make a big difference in the life of someone who’s lost everything.  Donate to Red Cross disaster relief today and start changing lives.

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