There's a First For Everything

My first donation!

Confession. I’ve worked for the Red Cross 8 months, and I’ve never donated blood before. That is, until today!


I’ve gone around the Columbus community advertising the constant need for blood, listened to stories about the many people in Columbus who have received blood, and even seen that need with my own eyes. The day before I moved to Columbus to begin working for the Red Cross, my mother received a Red Cross blood transfusion.


Due to extreme complications during the birth of my sister, my mother has serious and possibly life-long health issues. She had fallen ill  and the week of September 6th, she had spent in the hospital being tested and re-tested. They finally determined that she needed surgery. After that surgery, her recovery was slow and her hemoglobin levels were concerning. She is frequently anemic and needed blood. Because of donors (like me!) that blood was available for my very best friend. She recovered fully and was out of the hospital by the middle of the next week.


I am so proud to work for an organization that saves lives daily and to be among the wonderful community of blood donors! Join me and the many blood donors saving lives in our community everyday. Make your appointment to donate today!

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