Columbus volunteer helps a furry friend in Alabama

Jim Johnson has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for several years now with the First Aid Service Team, disaster response and more. On a recent deployment in Alabama to help residents recover from flooding and severe weather, he was approached by a community member who could no longer care for his pup. Jim, being the great guy that he is, decided on the spot to rescue the little lab-mix puppy.

If here were back home in Columbus, there is little doubt Jim would have taken his new furry friend home, but being deployed on a disaster relief assignment, he knew this wasn’t possible. He set out to find this puppy a forever home, but didn’t have to look far. Jamie, another Red Cross volunteer was heading home the next day and offered to take the puppy with her. The problem, her flight home to Washington state left the next morning and the little puppy, which Jim had by now named Twister, needed vet care, a carrying case and an airline ticket to make the trip.

These kinds of obstacles are Jim’s specialty. With the help of fellow Red Crossers the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and a kind veterinarian, little Twister was micro-chipped, neutered and had all of his immunizations in less than two hours. Once that task was crossed off the list Jim took up a collection amongst fellow volunteers to fund Twister’s flight. Who can resist an adorable dog? The money was quickly raised and Twister made the flight the next morning with his new mommy, Jamie.  We are told he coped with the flight well and is safely resting at home.

Never one to miss an opportunity to help someone in need Jim commented that, “I can’t help every person affected by these storms, but it feels good to know that I rescued at least one Alabama resident, little Twister. I will always remember that puppy and the people I have met while volunteering for the Red Cross here. They are amazing.”

We are so proud of Jim and all the volunteers assisting with disaster relief across the country. Help support these efforts by donating to the Disaster Relief Fund today.

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