5 Things You Must Own if You Own a Pool

5 Things you must own if you own a pool:

1. backboard with straps- readily accessible

2. ring buoys or other approved flotation devices- readily accessible

3. properly secured, non-slip ladders and diving boards

4. properly stored pool chemicals- out of reach of children

5.  First Aid Kit- stocked and readily accessible

Check out the American Red Cross Home Pool Essentials online training. This course can help you learn more about keeping your pool safe, sanitary, and fun for many summers to come! Here’s a sneak peek:

In addition to these vital materials, you  should have the knowledge of what to do in case of water emergency. At least one person in your family should be CPR and First Aid certified if you have so much as a large puddle in the yard. Owning a pool increases the risk of drowning and accidents exponentially. If you have children, they should all know how to swim. The American Red Cross provides both CPR and Learn to Swim training, as well as lifeguard certification. Get trained today and start your summer safe!

4 thoughts on “5 Things You Must Own if You Own a Pool

  1. Backboard with straps? Are first-aid/CPR trained individuals being taught to backboard and spider strap injured persons now? What am I missing?


    1. Brandon,
      We recommend a backboard with straps, so that if you are properly trained to do so, you can use this equiptment. If you are not properly trained, having it available is beneficial to first responders. Thanks for the comment!


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