Red Cross Launches New Preparedness Resource

The American Red Cross recently launched a new website designed to gauge the disaster preparedness factor for organizations like schools and businesses. is a free, self-paced, web-based membership program that helps a business or school measure how ready they are to deal with emergencies, and gives customized feedback on how they can improve their efforts.

Large organizations, like schools and corporations, face unique challenges in the face of disaster. An outbreak of disease can spread quickly in those kinds of communal environments; inclement weather can hinder productivity and safety for students and employees. “Studies show that between 15 and 40 percent of businesses fail following a natural or man-made disaster, so Ready Rating can help save lives as well as livelihoods when disaster strikes,” says Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross. The assessment covers items from hazard vulnerability to continuity of operations and employee readiness. One business inSt. Louis, Missouri has this to say of the program:

“When Express Scripts looked at the Red Cross Ready Rating Program, we saw a reputable brand name. The Red Cross is recognized worldwide for emergency preparedness. We have found that Ready Rating is a great framework for those that already have a solid business continuity program in place. The Red Cross offers the expertise and resources to evaluate your plan looking through a different lens”

Express Scripts -St. Louis, Missouri

Sam’s Club is supporting the Ready Rating program with a donation of $500,000 to bring the program live in cities around the US. This contribution has made Ready Rating available to anyone in the Greater Columbus area. Visit Ready Rating today.

In addition to preparing your school or workplace, the Red Cross encourages everyone to get prepared at home. More information on preparing your home and family can be found here.

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