A Heroic Commute

Jason and his daughter

In central Ohio, rush hour traffic and car accidents are regular occurrences. Most drivers who commute on the freeways of Columbus would agree with that very sentiment. But for Jason Jenkins, there was nothing regular about one particular drive back in October. There was rush hour traffic and a car accident, but this was not the typical freeway fender bender. On this day, Jenkins’ help was needed.

Jenkins was taking his 8-year-old daughter to school when he witnessed a woman lose control of her car and hit the median. Instead of continuing his morning routine, Jenkins decided to check on the victim at the behest of his daughter and quickly made the transition from father to rescuer. At that moment, Jenkins pulled over and called authorities, then checked the car, where he found the driver unconscious.

Jenkins said he felt “calm and confident,” and chances are he felt that way because he had just taken a Red Cross CPR and first aid refresher course the day before. As a result of that training, he knew what to do next and took action to ensure the safety of the woman in the wrecked vehicle. Jason pulled the woman from the vehicle and helped her regain consciousness. Although she was in shock, Jason was able to get basic information from her and then treat a gash on her head. All the while, his 8-year-old daughter was calmly providing the first aid supplies her dad needed. With an infant at home, Jason had made sure that his daughter knew how to help in an emergency. There is no doubt that this father and daughter team helped save this young woman’s life that morning. 

On that day, Jenkins became a shining example of what first aid and CPR training is all about. Trainees never know when they’ll need it but if and when they do, it can truly be a life saver.

The Red Cross now offers 2-year CPR and First Aid training. Learn what classes are being held in your area and sign-up today!

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