31 Days 31 Ways- Take an Infant/ Child CPR Class

As part of our series 31 ways in 31 days, we have been suggesting ways everyone can get involved with the Red Cross. Today’s suggestion is particularly important to anyone who comes into contact with kids on a regular basis.

Do you have children? Do you watch children for a friend, family member or even as part of your business? If so, the following tips are critical to keeping kids in your care safe.

Children do not master the grinding motion necessary to successfully chew many foods until around age 4.  

Always supervise children when they are eating, and monitor these common choking hazards:

  • raw vegetables (serve soft-cooked and chopped until at least age 1)
  • corn
  • whole grapes, cherry tomatoes
  • apples (serve soft-cooked and chopped until at least age 1) * try unsweetened applesauce
  • string cheese, cheese cubes
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • peanut butter (creamy only, and only a thin layer)
  • chunks of meat
  • hot dogs (do not serve until at least 1 year, cut lengthwise into fourths and then quarter inch pieces—do not “coin”)
  • hard candies
  • marshmallows
  • chewing gum


Should a child loose consciousness when choking, it is important to remember that not all CPR is the same. CPR must be modified for the smaller body size of a child and the even smaller airways of an infant. With American Red Cross CPR for infants and children, class participants learn how to prevent, recognize and respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in infants and children under 12. These skills are invaluable to anyone who is or will soon become a parent, as well as anyone who regularly cares for a child or infant.

Sign up for a class today

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