AmeriCorps Profile: Anne Hemphill


Anne: emcee of the puppet show at Northtowne Elementary

Hello, my name is Anne (but everyone calls me Egg) and I am a second year AmeriCorps member. Through my AmeriCorps position I work as a part of the Community Disaster Education (CDE) team here at the American Red Cross.. The team’s main focus is getting into schools and educating youth about how to prevent, prepare for, and respond to a disaster. We visit schools and perform puppet shows about various topics like fire safety, when and how to call 911, and making a disaster supply kit.  

The kids love it. I really enjoy getting to see the kids faces when they watch the puppets. They ask the best questions and I feel like they are really learning the information. The children are always very involved in the presentation and they take that information home to their families. The preparedness kids learn during the presentations could mean that we are saving families from home fires and natural disaster.

As a part of AmeriCorps, I have received valuable job experience through the American Red Cross. Really, what could be better than working everyday towards a mission that I believe in? The education award associated with my AmeriCorps year has also allowed me to go back to school.

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