That'll Never Happen Here…

So the Midwest is pretty tame right? What exciting and dangerous things ever happen here? While we’re certainly don’t have earthquakes like those that rock the California coast, we definitely have some disaster potential. One of the most important parts of surviving a disaster is knowing what kind of disaster can occur in your area. The misconception that Columbus is safe from calamity is a dangerous factor that inhibits residents’ ability to survive and recover when disasters strike. And they do strike. Here is a quick list of  some of the potential disasters that can strike the Columbus area:

  • Tornadoes– Not just in Kansas. Remember September 2010 when you were hunkered down in your basement. We were in the basement of the Red Cross (on Broad street downtown!) for over an hour.
  • Winter Storms– ice, sleet, snow, dismal driving conditions and power outages can mean no heat or electricity for days.
  • Thunder Storms– downed trees, tree branches, and power lines can cause power outages a and physical damage to property.
  • Flooding– excessive precipitation can seriously damage homes, foundations, and even sweep personal property away down stream.
  • HOME FIRE– this is the leading disaster that we respond to locally. Over 400 home fires happen each year; that’s an average of more than one per day.

Check out this great video  from Common Craft about building an emergency kit to get yourself prepared for the above list of disastrous possibilities.

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