Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine? We can help!

Throughout the year, there are so many holidays and special occasions on our calendar that it can be easy to take gifts for granted. It seems like every month, there’s someone close to us who has a birthday, graduation or wedding and of course that someone is going to need a gift! I’m one of those people who like to find something perfect, but in December I realized there’s only one gift that can’t be wrapped and will always be invaluable. It’s the gift of life and we all know nothing trumps that!

On that eventful day back in early December, I was granted the opportunity to attend a compression-only CPR class at East High School along with Red Cross staffers, volunteers and AmeriCorps members. What started out as a feeling of anxiety due to this being my first off-site assignment, quickly turned to excitement as I witnessed just how many people were ready and willing to be trained on chest compressions. Around 250 Columbus Public School Food Service workers took part in the training during an In-Service Day and I can honestly say that I was impressed by the enthusiasm they showed during the lessons. The prospect saving a life can be daunting but there’s no question that those Food Service workers are better equipped to handle an emergency situation since being trained.

Those that I spoke with had a welcoming attitude and several members of the Red Cross team mentioned that the trainees were appreciative of what the Red Cross brought to the table. It’s always easy to both teach and learn when all parties are interested and involved and I can say firsthand that the Red Cross and the trainees worked together to make this class a success. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to attend another event of this nature soon, and maybe even participate as a trainee. I know that I would love to be prepared to give the gift of life if I ever needed to.

So back to the gift giving. As we near Valentines Day and gift giving is all over the media, I thought why shouldn’t the Red Cross get in on the action? What better gift to give your true love than the gift of saving a life! We make it easy to purchase a gift certificate for any of our health and safety training courses, including our monthly offerings of the compression only CPR I got to witness first-hand back in December. I know many of my family and friends would benefit from this lifesaving training. How about yours? Call us at 614.251.1444 to order your Red Cross gift certificate today. You can also view our health and safety training offerings here.

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