Joanna Ross, Volunteer Helps Raise Much Needed Funds

Having worked as a loan officer with Residential Finance Corporation (RFC) for over 4 years, I’ve seen the company go above and beyond in supporting their employees. This past December RFC demonstrated their support and generosity through sponsoring the RED EVENT for the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus. I planned the event to raise…… Continue reading Joanna Ross, Volunteer Helps Raise Much Needed Funds

How to build a Vegetarian Emergency Kit

I don’t eat meat. I know, I know– “Oh my gosh, how do you do that?” “Do you just not like meat?” “I could never do that” “Don’t you ever want a steak?” I’ve heard it all. It’s really not a big deal on a daily basis. The vegetarian lifestyle is right for me, not…… Continue reading How to build a Vegetarian Emergency Kit

Reaching Out to Military Families

On a cold December night, families of local Armed Forces members, gathered at the Red Cross for a briefing on how the Red Cross can help service members and their families cope with military life. Columbus, Ohio does not have a military base to offer on-site support for military families, which increases the importance of…… Continue reading Reaching Out to Military Families

AmeriCorps Profile: Anne Hemphill

  Hello, my name is Anne (but everyone calls me Egg) and I am a second year AmeriCorps member. Through my AmeriCorps position I work as a part of the Community Disaster Education (CDE) team here at the American Red Cross.. The team’s main focus is getting into schools and educating youth about how to prevent, prepare for,…… Continue reading AmeriCorps Profile: Anne Hemphill

That'll Never Happen Here…

So the Midwest is pretty tame right? What exciting and dangerous things ever happen here? While we’re certainly don’t have earthquakes like those that rock the California coast, we definitely have some disaster potential. One of the most important parts of surviving a disaster is knowing what kind of disaster can occur in your area. The misconception that…… Continue reading That'll Never Happen Here…

Think about hearts this Valentine's Day

You know how it goes, grab left arm, gasp, turn red in the face, cease breathing, turn blue in the face, fall to floor… it’s a heart attack, right? Vito Corleone in the tomato garden. Donny in the parking lot of the bowling alley while Walter and the Dude look on unknowingly. Doctor mid-hypnosis in…… Continue reading Think about hearts this Valentine's Day