Top 10 First Aid Mistakes

Check out these common first aid mistakes– So you know what NOT to do when the time comes!

First things first, call 911 or seek medical attention.

1. Cut fingers– for serious cuts in which a part of the finger is removed from the body

DO NOT place the amputated piece directly on ice, as this could damage the nerves.

DO wrap the severed part in damp gauze, seal in a bag, and place the bag on ice.

2. Knocked out tooth

DO NOT scrub the tooth hard, even if it is dirty or fell on the ground

DO rinse the tooth gently and place it in milk, head straight for the ER– they may be able to reimplant it.

3. Burns

DO NOT apply ice, butter, or any other kind of grease to burns. Don’t cover with a towel or anything fibrous that could stick to the skin.

DO gently wash and apply antibiotic ointment to minor burns. Head to the hospital for any burns to the eyes, mouth, or genital areas, even if mild; any burn that covers an area larger than your hand; and any burn that causes blisters or is followed by a fever.

4. Electrical Burns

DO NOT fail to get medical attention for an electrical jolt. Even if no damage is evident– internal damage often occurs.

DO go directly to the ER

5. Sprained Ankle

DO NOT apply heat.

DO apply ice. Go to the ER if it is very painful to bear weight.

6. Nosebleed

DO NOT lean backwards. After bleeding stops, DO NOT blow your nose or bend forward.

DO sit upright, lean slightly forward and pinch your nose steadily (just below the nasal bone) for 5- 10 minutes. If bleeding persists for 15 minutes go to the ER.

7. Bleeding

DO NOT try to make a tourniquet. If done improperly, you can cause serious and permanent tissue damage.

DO apply steady pressure with a clean cloth and head to the ER if bleeding does not stop, the wound is very deep, or the bleeding was caused by an animal bite.

8. Ingestion of poison

DO NOT induce vomiting (unless instructed to do so by a medical professional)  

DO call poison control and bring the ingested, poison along with its container, to the ER.

9. Being Impaled

DO NOT remove the impaling object. This can cause further damage and uncontrollable bleeding

DO stabilize the object, if possible, and go directly to the ER

10. Seizures

DO NOT put anything in the victim’s mouth. DO NOT try to physically restrain the victim.

DO lay the victim on the ground in an open space, if possible, and lay the victim on his or her side. Call 911 even if seizing has stopped.

Would you like to learn more? Be prepared with all the info you need to respond to emergencies this year by taking a CPR and First Aid class. Sign up online today!

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