Meeting Ken Oshiro

Meet Ken Oshiro, motorcycle racing enthusiast and American Red Cross Community Transportation Program (CTP) driver. Sounds like an oxymoron right? After all, drivers are responsible for transporting seniors, and others in Franklin County, to medical and other life-enhancing appointments through our Community Transportation Program. But, spend a few minutes with Ken Oshiro and you will see that he is the right man for the job.

Born in Hawaii, Ken joined the Army seeking adventure and never looked back. He landed in Columbus after retiring from the military. His relationship with the Red Cross began as a volunteer during the Hurricane Katrina disaster response. After that experience, he just couldn’t stay away and joined the team as a paid staff member in the Customer Service department. Although it was his desire to get out of the office and on the road that eventually led to his current position as a CTP driver.

Clients are in Ken’s caring hands Monday thru Saturday as he drives them to dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation treatments and other appointments. His military background is apparent in his discipline and the respectful “Sir” and “Ma’am” that he uses when addressing his riders. While his relationships with clients are professional, he does enjoy getting to know those going to dialysis three times a week.

Ken says he feels good about what he does every day and described his perfect day as one when, “I drive 12 to 14 clients to their appointments on time, no weather or traffic problems, and nobody has to wait a long time”. Meeting his clients’ needs makes his day.

Ken’s hunger for adventure took him around the world. His commitment to helping others led him to the Red Cross. We’re glad he shelved those motorcycle racing aspirations!

Learn more about the Community Transportation Program here.

Thanks to public affairs volunteer Virginia Tyler for this post.

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