Red Cross Volunteer Reunites Family with Dog After Fire

Last night took me by surprise.  I’m still amazed by this story. It’s the kind of thing that only happens in movies. We arrived at the scene of a local fire to hear that the family’s dog perished in the fire; however, there was no sign of it in the home. While on the scene I heard the news reporters state that the dog was missing.  After the story aired on the news, a neighbor a couple blocks away made a startling discovery – the missing dog was on their porch! By a small miracle they were able to reach our on-call disaster public affairs staff member with the good news.  Myself, another Disaster Action Team member and two detectives made the cold trek to get the dog.  We found it on the porch shaking and growling… just downright scared. I got it comfortable enough to let me pick it up and carried it back home.  Reuniting a dog with a friendly face, such a priceless experience!  Just another reason I love the Red Cross Disaster Action Team.

One thought on “Red Cross Volunteer Reunites Family with Dog After Fire

  1. Little things mean a lot. I know my dog is like family to me – I am so happy the family was able to have a happy moment during such a trying time. It is great to hear good news once in a while.


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