Making a Difference in Haiti: One Year Later

As we mark the anniversary of the horrific earthquake that shook Haiti a year ago, we are so grateful for the generosity of our community. The challenges in Haiti did not cease when the ground stopped shaking. On a daily basis over the last year, American Red Cross relief workers have been providing critical aid in Haiti. Read our Haiti One-Year Report for the latest news, stories and updates:

Locally support was high for the victims of this quake. “People in Central Ohio and across the country responded quickly to help Haiti, and these donations have made a real difference in the lives of Haitians,” said Michael Carroll, American Red Cross of Greater Columbus CEO.
Donations ranging from penny drives in elementary schools to combined employee and corporate donations from central Ohio’s largest employers totaled $1.9 million.

Much of what the Red Cross did with these donated funds in the last year was to help sustain people with food, water, and medical care as well as begin to build more permanent shelters and badly needed infrastructure like water and sanitation systems. Take a look at the video below to see how this work has played out over the last year.

Thank you for your support of this disaster relief effort.

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