Stay Safe In This Week's Winter Weather

Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go, but what if the way is covered with freezing rain, hail, and knee-deep snow? With the looming snowfall, and bone chilling temperatures, it’s critical to consider storing a winter weather driving kit in your car. By doing this you’ll be sure to help…… Continue reading Stay Safe In This Week's Winter Weather

Kidzapalooza 2011- Raging Success

Each year the smallest members of the community gather together to wreak havoc on the Ohio Expo center– and in the process they learn a little about safety. I’m talking about Kidzapalooza. And it’s intense. Over 900 kids stopped by to visit the American Red Cross booth at Kidzapalooza this year. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the…… Continue reading Kidzapalooza 2011- Raging Success

Photos from the Past: First Aid Services Back in the Day

We’ve been cleaning up our archives this month and came across some real photo gems! The one above is one of our earliest First Aid Services vehicles. While we can’t quite date the photo, it’s cool to see the LeVeque Tower in the background. We still offer First Aid Services today at public festivals, sporting…… Continue reading Photos from the Past: First Aid Services Back in the Day

No vanity in these plates

Sharon Groves works out of her home and she was lonely for co-workers when she decided to join the Red Cross as a volunteer. “I am the only person for my company in Columbus.  So the Red Cross has really become my work family.  I have really made some special friends while volunteering at the…… Continue reading No vanity in these plates

Top 10 First Aid Mistakes

Check out these common first aid mistakes– So you know what NOT to do when the time comes! First things first, call 911 or seek medical attention. 1. Cut fingers- for serious cuts in which a part of the finger is removed from the body DO NOT place the amputated piece directly on ice, as…… Continue reading Top 10 First Aid Mistakes

Meeting Ken Oshiro

Meet Ken Oshiro, motorcycle racing enthusiast and American Red Cross Community Transportation Program (CTP) driver. Sounds like an oxymoron right? After all, drivers are responsible for transporting seniors, and others in Franklin County, to medical and other life-enhancing appointments through our Community Transportation Program. But, spend a few minutes with Ken Oshiro and you will…… Continue reading Meeting Ken Oshiro

Making a Difference in Haiti: One Year Later

As we mark the anniversary of the horrific earthquake that shook Haiti a year ago, we are so grateful for the generosity of our community. The challenges in Haiti did not cease when the ground stopped shaking. On a daily basis over the last year, American Red Cross relief workers have been providing critical aid in…… Continue reading Making a Difference in Haiti: One Year Later