These are a few of my favorite things

Two of my favorite things on this earth are my youngest sister Susan (she is only 5) and my puppy Fred. So for the final installation of the Red Cross gift giving saga, I am going to focus on the smallest loves of my life.

Gift #5- My sister Susan

Little girls always want to be big girls. When I was little I spent much of my time trying to imitate my older cousins and my mother. Sometimes this meant driving my cozy-coupe at high speeds up and down the driveway, stopping at the imaginary bank and post office and compiling a large cart full of plastic food at the “grocery store.” But the one thing that made me feel most grown up, the one thing that every real woman needs, is a purse. My mother would give me an old purse of hers and stuff it with kleenex and coupons to make it look full and maybe even a tube of lipstick. It was really sophisticated. Since Christmas is about spreading joy, I plan to give Suzie a taste of the grown up joys of having a purse by getting her the Red Cross Vintage Field Bag and maybe something to stuff it with.

Gift #6- My dog Fred

Since Fred accounts for a great deal of my time and emotions, it seems only practical to keep him safe and sound. This gift won’t be so exciting for him, but this Christmas I will invest in his wellbeing with the Be Red Cross Ready Dog First Aid handbook. I will be able to recognize allergic reactions, symptoms of about 70 dog health issues, and create my own dog first aid kit. And because I’m sure he cannot fully appreciate the value of this gift, I will also give him something delicious.

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