There's Always a Reason To Be Thankful

I’m an emotional person, but I can usually hold my emotions at bay on scene.  I hold it together for my team and for the clients, but there have been a few times I’ve almost broken down.  November 13th was one of them.  I was able to assist a strong amazing woman after she lost everything in a fire.  The house was so damaged that I didn’t feel safe entering.  As I did an external assessment I found an angel pin laying on the ground.  What a great thing to save! Additionally, as I completed paperwork for lodging, medication and food, a firefighter came to the Red Cross vehicle with a collage of old pictures he saved. This small act of kindness brought tears to my eyes.  The beauty of human nature in a tragedy truly amazes me.  Volunteering with the Red Cross Disaster Action team is a sure-fire way to renew my faith in humanity.

Red Cross volunteers responded to thirty fires during the month of December and are on pace to surpass that number this month. Learn more about joining Ariana and our other disaster action team volunteers here or make a donation to help families suffering from disasters here.  Thank you for your support during these brutal winter months.

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