Be Prepared for a Red Cross Holiday

Third installment in the gift-giving saga.

#3- Daddy

What do you buy for the man who once said  “Never wear shoes you can’t run away in”? The Red Cross store is like the mecca of gifts for my ever-prepared father. I don’t think I can even choose from the plethora of Red Cross Ready materials available at the national website’s store. But I have a feeling that if I buy him the Red Cross Solarlink FR360 Eton Emergency Radio , it will be just about right. This puppy is battery-powered, or solar-powered (should the batteries burn out), or crank powered (should the sun burn out). It receives AM/FM and shortwave bandwidths. It can charge your cellphone and ipod. It was manufactured in Red Cross heaven for the man who once told me, as I unwound the wire casing on a champagne bottle, that the cork was now “unstable and could go at any time.”


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