Why I Volunteer:Ariana

Sometimes people ask me why I volunteer with the Red Cross so much.  My answer is simple – the Red Cross is my second family.  I’ve realized that those who volunteer for the Red Cross are different from anyone I’ve met.  They have this passion, this drive, this commitment to help beyond what words can describe.  We leave to go to the scene as strangers, and by the time we return, sometimes, it feels as though we’ve been lifelong friends.  It’s great to know when I go on a Disaster run, I’m not only going to help a family get through the night, but I’ll also be seeing some of the people who make me laugh harder and smile brighter than I have all day.  I think back on the 1.5 years that I’ve volunteered and smile at all of the memories I have that will last me a lifetime.


Want to join Ariana? Learn more here.

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