Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season

Women’s Vintage-Style Red Cross Tee

You know that holiday trend of full-hearted philanthropy where, instead of giving gifts, you make donations in the name of your friend or family member and they kind of like it, but a little part of them also wishes they had something to tear open under the tree? I don’t like that trend. I say if you can have both presents and philanthropy, why not? With the Red Cross Store, you can have both. (They even have a Holiday Gift Section)

When you give a gift from the Red Cross, you don’t just give to family and friends, you give to the Red Cross mission of aiding victims of disaster all over the world. Stay tuned throughout the holiday season to see my top picks for Holiday Giving  Red Cross style as I detail the surprises my friends and family can expect come Christmas morning.

 Gift #1- My Sister Eileen

My younger sister is a record-holding long-distance runner.  I hold personal records in coffee consumption as well as most books of poetry read in the early morning while my sister is out running. We couldn’t be more opposite if we tried. But I know she will be delighted with this Vintage-style Red Cross tee-shirt and stainless steel water bottle. They will keep her running, while I sleep in late. She can tell me about it later!

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