Daylight Savings Time: Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries This Weekend

Can you believe it’s already November? It seems like the chill in the air is getting harder to bear each day.  It’s definitely the time to turn on the heat, dust off the space heaters and start building fires in our fireplaces.  It’s no wonder we’re in what’s been coined by many fire departments as “fire season”.  Alternative heat sources can be a great source of heat, but if not properly cared for/tended, they can turn into a nightmare in the matter of minutes.  Scary thought, isn’t it?

Here’s food for thought, when did you last change the batteries in your smoke alarm? Did you know experts suggest we do this twice a year?  What happens twice a year? Time changes! So, take time this Sunday to change your batteries – it’s a small and not very costly task that could save your life. Be safe and take care!

While you are at it, download our fire prevention tips and share with the family!

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