So Safe It's Scary

Where I come from Halloween is a big deal. Athens Ohio, home of my alma mater Ohio University, plays host to one of the country’s  largest Halloween celebrations attracting 20,000-30,000 costumed attendees each year. As you might expect, I get very excited about this holiday. While it can be lots of fun, there are more than just supernatural dangers to think about when you’re out trick-or-treating.

Ami as Cruella DeVil

Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind,  before it’s too late!

1. Map out your route before you go trick-or-treating.

2. Make sure everyone in your group has a flashlight.

3. Never go inside a stranger’s house. You should be able to accept your treats at the door/porch or in the yard.

4. Get creative with face paint instead of masks, which often limit vision.

5. Wear light-colored clothing and line all costumes with reflective tape to ensure that you can be seen in the dark.

6. Stay on the sidewalk or grass. Never walk in the street!

7. Look both ways before crossing the street. And only cross at corners!

8. Avoid open flames, like Jac-o-lanterns with candles inside,  since many costumes are not flame-retardant.

9. Speaking of flames — why not use a glow-stick instead of a candle to light your jack-o-lantern?

10. Only visit houses with their porch lights turned on.

11. Have an adult inspect your candy before you eat it!

Check out this halloween safety merch from the Red Cross

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