The American Red Cross Wants You!

Some volunteers know exactly what they want to do; they have researched our options and know their skills and interests. Some volunteers just want to help, but aren’t sure how. Our Volunteer resources staff members often receive calls that go something like this: “I am interested in volunteering with the Red Cross. I want to help people. Put me where ever you need me.” Today’s post is for those people. Volunteer resources has identified the three areas where help is most needed:

Community Transportation Drivers– Everyday, the Red Cross helps transport elderly citizens and persons with disabilities to doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, and other life enhancing appointments. This is a unique opportunity because only 16 programs like this exist in our national network of Red Cross chapters. Potential volunteers shadow a current driver before beginning, which gives them a chance to experience CTP and decide if they’re interested. Drivers with the Community Transportation Program witness daily the positive impact of the Red Cross on the Columbus community.

Community Awareness Team Members–  The Red Cross needs volunteers to spread information about our chapter and the services we offer. The Community Awareness Team (CAT team for short) is a group of volunteers who go out and interact with the community on behalf of the Red Cross. Typical events include health fairs, community festivals, parades and speaking engagements. Each CAT team member receives a newsletter detailing the volunteer opportunities available for that month. CAT team schedules are very flexible, you can volunteer as often as you’d like.

Disaster Dispatchers– House fires are the most common disasters in Franklin County. Every year, trained American Red Cross disaster workers help more than 400 Columbus-area families recover from fires. Volunteer Disaster Dispatchers help coordinate Red Cross Disaster Response teams. On-call for a week at a time, dispatchers activate the teams, monitor the radio, and keep a log of all phone/radio activity.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, contact Volunteer Resources at 614-253-2740 ext. 2355 or visit our volunteer listings online today. You could help save a life!

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