Unlikely paraders

It’s a long celebrated tradition in my part of the Red Cross world – parades. Ever since I have been with the organization I have watched volunteers really enjoyed representing the Red Cross in these events. Last weekend while two of our volunteers were traveling home to Columbus from the New England area where they had been deployed to prepare for and respond to the effects of Hurricane Earl, they happened upon one of these spirited celebrations.

Jim Johnson and Pam Blum have traveled the country for the Red Cross, driving one of our Emergency Response Vehicles wherever it is needed to respond to disasters. On this trip home they happened to run into a parade in a small town in the New England area. Their goal: to get home as quickly as possible. The goal of nearly every law enforcement officer on their route through this town: to direct them into the heart of the parade. What Jim and Pam didn’t realize at the time was that this parade was being held to honor those involved in the response to the September 11, 2001 attacks. It didn’t dawn on either of them what day it was. To know these two, it’s no surprise that they would run into a parade and somehow manage to find themselves in the middle of it. They have many stories where they end up right in the thick of the action!

Locally three local volunteers were deployed to assist with the Hurricane Earl response, including Pam and Jim. If you have ever thought about responding to disasters for the Red Cross we have a great event coming up next Tuesday, September 21st. Come meet Jim, Pam and many of our other volunteers and see a Red Cross disaster relief operation in action. This event will show you what it’s like to be a Red Cross disaster volunteer and give you easy steps to get involved. See you there!

Thanks for sharing Allison! We couldn’t resist!

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