Cricket’s Yips n’ Tips

It’s nearly the peak of hurricane season. But we’re lucky we live way up here in Ohio because we are never affected by hurricanes this far north.

If you lived in Ohio two years ago, you probably remember Hurricane Ike. It was just a windstorm by the time it reached us – but what a windstorm. Homes were damaged, trees were uprooted and power lines came down. Schools and businesses closed as we waited for the power to be restored to everyone. In the mean time, many people lost the contents of their refrigerators when the power went out.

The American Red Cross opened a shelter in Columbus and offered free meals and shelter to anyone in need. Since shelters don’t allow pets, besides service animals, I relied on my disaster supply kit. I had food, water, treats, toys, batteries, flashlights and a blanket stored in my kit in case of an emergency. I learned how to make my disaster supply kit at This reminds me – it’s a good time to go through my kit and see what needs to be replenished. It’s hurricane season you know.

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