Happy to say that I made a difference

Well the end is near for me it appears!  I am down to just a few more weeks at the American Red Cross as an AmeriCorps member.  I must admit that at first I was a little worried when I walked into my first meeting eleven months ago and was told I would need to write blogs and do all kinds of social media work (which I had never done before, besides being a regular Facebook visitor).  I also realized how little I knew about the Red Cross, photography, graphic design, and suddenly felt like I needed to run towards the nearest exit!

Luckily, my supervisor was very understanding and walked me through everything I needed to do.  I remember the moment that it all changed for me though, the moment I realized that I was making a difference.  I went out on a fire run within a month of joining the Red Cross, I had done the training, but nothing compares to your first experience.  I sat and talked with family members who experienced the fire and suddenly it all came together, I realized that I was making a difference for real people.  After we met with them, they said that they didn’t know what they would do without us.  The experience super charged me and made me want to spread the word about the Red Cross.

Over the course of my year I went to countless events telling the story of the Red Cross to nearly 8,000 people.  I worked on multiple video projects showing the work our volunteers do in the community and how much of a difference they make everyday. As well as taking trainings, participating in parades, and working on numerous projects.  It has been a busy year, but looking back I know I have had an impact, that I have helped make a difference in my community, and that is a wonderful feeling.  The Red Cross is a great organization and offers everyone opportunities to do extraordinary things, and I defiantly did those this year.  There are few jobs where you can see the difference you have made, but I defiantly can. 

Thank you for reading my blog posts this year!

Thanks Kevin for all of your hard work! We will miss you!

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