Making Friends Over the Walkie-Talkie

One of the best parts about volunteering for the American Red Cross are all the other great volunteers and the staff you meet while you are volunteering. In Community Transportation we have a funny relationship because we mainly talk to each other and get to know each other over the walkie-talkie. All day while we are out driving we are in constant contact with one another over the walkie-talkie. They are used to tell us changes in the schedule, when people are ready for pick ups and any other information the staff may want to pass along to us throughout the day. When most of us arrive at the office it is before the staff arrives so this may be the only way we speak to them all day. Also all the volunteers arrive at different times so we rarely see each other in the office. The great thing about the walkie-talkies is that as staff and volunteers we can ask each other for directions or how to get to weird addresses. We can ask what someone looks like or where we dropped them off. We pass along traffic problems and tie-ups which seem to be more frequent with all the road construction. We also just enjoy getting to know one another, even if it is just over the air waves. In Community Transportation we have a great staff and a great group of volunteers who enjoy what they do and are a joy to be with each time I volunteer.

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