Cricket’s Yips ‘n Tips

I took my pet parents to the CHA Picnic with the Pups on Saturday. We like to get outdoors and participate in dog-friendly events whenever we can. Even though it was very hot and humid outside, a lot of dogs came out to support a great cause – pets.

Our first stop was the American Red Cross booth. Their dedicated volunteers braved the heat to tell pet parents about American Red Cross pet first aid classes. They even had a plush dog to use for CPR demonstrations. (There was something very strange about that dog and it smelled funny.) And they had pet first aid kits for sale for pet parents who want to be prepared for emergencies.

We saw dogs in all shapes and sizes. A nice dog named Charity came to the American Red Cross booth to check it out. She was looking for her forever home. I hope she finds it soon. There was also a small herd of Yorkies walking around, as well as some big dogs like Rotties and Danes.

While I was dog-watching, my pet parents looked at the vendor booths, entered the raffle and made bids in the silent auction. We were all careful to stay hydrated in the heat and had a great time. Dog-friendly events are a great way to get outdoors and spend some quality time your pet parents.

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