Traveling with the kiddos

This is the before picture. The after pic you will see in just a minute. Both are accurate reflections of our summer adventure to Disney World this year. The epic trip, 30+ hours in the car and 4 theme parks in 5 days, was amazing and exhausting all-in-one.

Ever the preparedness guru, I meticulously researched everything about this trip, from where to get the best deals on those outrageous but totally worth it park tickets, to must see attractions at each stop along the way. Not surprisingly my research also included our go-to safety tips for traveling. My husband was very good at following these tips, especially the one about keeping the gas tank full – I can’t even count the amount of times we stopped for gas. This came in especially handy when we got caught in a traffic jam on the freeway in Georgia and sat for at least 1/2 hour, with no exits in site. No need to panic, the gas tank was full!

As a Red Crosser, I have come to know that even though you are on vacation you can never really escape the reach of the Red Cross. We did use the travel safety tips and with the sweltering heat, we also used Red Cross’ heat safety tips.  With a two-year-old in tow, those tips were a lifesaver. My little guy had a great time and surprised me at how friendly he was to those gigantic Disney characters who popped up everywhere.

Put your planning skills to use for a safe and fun vacation this summer. Whether your trip is epic, or a weekend get-a-way make sure you are prepared.

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