Staff and Volunteers Honored for Partnership Success

Our 2010 Partnership Award winners exemplify and promote cooperative partnership. Joel Perkins, our Emergency Services Readiness Specialist, is responsible for the preparedness of our chapter to respond to disasters, which is a big job. Volunteers Bob Criswell and Susan Schweitzer make assisting Joel their priority.  Bob, a volunteer with more than 13 years of experience, leads teams of volunteers at the scene of many home fires and has worked on national disasters.  As a Disaster Action Team Leader, he understands the importance of having all the tools necessary to serve clients after they have experienced a home fire. Susan began volunteering with us last year and was instrumental in our response to the H1N1 pandemic threat. She stresses the importance of emergency preparedness with vehicle inspections and logistic support activities, providing Disaster Action Teams with the ability to respond quickly and effectively. 

Together, Bob and Susan inspect and stock the inventory and preparedness of four Disaster Action Team vehicles, ensuring that they are ready the next time a family needs the Red Cross.  This frees up Joel so he can focus on other readiness activities. We congratulate them on their success!

Find out how you can join this distinguished group of people here.

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