Red Cross Honors Top Fundraisers

This year TWO volunteers were especially deserving of the 2010 Fundraiser of the Year honors. First up, Betsy Blake. Betsy served as Chair of the 22nd annual American Red Cross Golf Classic. In an incredibly challenging fundraising year, Betsy led the team to a successful result, raising more than $240,000! Her tenacity and “never give up” attitude was critical in reaching the fundraising goal for this event. Betsy, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Jamie Richardson is our other Fundraiser of the Year award winner. Jamie is a member of our board of directors and this year’s chair of the Humanitarian of the Year event. Jamie brought to the Humanitarian event what he brings to everything he does – a creative approach and a lot of fun.  He led the team to exceeding the goal by $10,000, raising nearly $260,000 when it was all said and done.  He did that by dedicating more than nine months to making the event a success. His “Amazing Raise” fundraising campaign inspired everyone on the team! Jamie, thanks for your “Amazing Raise” and congratulations on being selected as Fundraiser of the Year.

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