A local mom shares why everyone should be CPR certified

Little baby Brian, whose mommy is CPR certified

As a teacher of young children in the child care industry, it was a requirement for me to be trained in CPR. I confess that having to perform CPR on one of my charges during the school day was unlikely, but it was certainly a comfort to me to know that I had the skills necessary should they ever be required. Knowing that those skills would take me far beyond my school day and into the rest of my world was and is a bonus that I continue to take comfort in. Now that I’m the mom of a child with cardiac and pulmonary issues, the ability to perform CPR and potentially save a life helps me to sleep better at night! I would hope that all able-bodied individuals will take the time to become certified; it’s not hard! You too could potentially save a life…maybe that of someone you love!

Help the Red Cross celebrate National CPR/AED Awareness Week June 1st – 7th. Register for a class taking place that week and bring a friend for only $20! Register today.

Thanks to Jen, a current CPR certified resident and loving mommy, for this post!

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