The best job ever!

My little brother just joined my family’s noble business, lifeguarding!  Everyone in my family is a lifeguard including my mom, my two brothers, and my sister. My girlfriend is even a lifeguard.  Needless to say when we get together near water, we are one of the safest families there.

I have been working in water safety for over six years now, as a lifeguard, lifeguard instructor, swim coach, student supervisor and an assistant manager.  I can honestly say its one of the best jobs you can have.  While a lifeguard you learn how to deal with patrons, kids and how to act professionally.  You also learn skills that can save a life, whether it’s at work or around loved ones you will be prepared to act.

Lifeguarding skills are also highly valued at summer jobs, if you are looking for a position in a summer camp, recreation facility or any job with kids, knowing CPR, first aid and water rescue techniques are always a plus.

To learn how to become a lifeguard check out our website for information on local training.

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