Swim Lessons: What Every Parent Should Know

For Angie Holzinger, swimming lessons for her boys Andy, 5 and Josh, 3 were essential. “I knew my kids would eventually be around water and I wanted them to know what to do. I am a swimmer myself and know how important it is that they learn swimming skills early,” said Angie whose two boys are pictured at the right. The family swims and takes lessons at the Village of Groveport Aquatics Center. “The boys loved the classes and the instructors. My three-year old Josh cried when the lessons were over.”

At the conclusion of the lessons Andy was working on developing swimming strokes and going off the diving board and Josh was swimming under water. “They both progress phenomenally,” said Angie. “I was very impressed. As young as the instructors are, they were very focused and kept the class in order.”

American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim lessons teach participants how to swim skillfully and safely. Courses are fun and interactive. More advanced-level students refine their skills, learn the basics of springboard diving and how to incorporate swimming into a fitness plan. Check out a list of local facilities offering Red Cross training here.

Along with learning to swim safely, we recommend you check out these water safety tips to keep your family safe this summer.

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