Why I Serve: Celebrating AmeriCorps Week

Giving back to the community is something I have been passionate about my whole life.  As a child, there were times that my immediate family received help from other family members, friends and neighbors without the notion of getting anything in return, except for the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference in our lives.  Because of the generosity that we received, I knew that I wanted to extend the same kindness.  Throughout high school and college, I volunteered hundreds of hours tutoring students, serving food at homeless shelters, cleaning local parks, volunteering at blood drives, visiting veterans, helping to raise money for different causes and collecting food for my church’s food pantry.

AmeriCorps and the American Red Cross have helped me live out my ideals of serving different people and making a difference in their lives.  Although I do not get to see the people that the blood goes to, I know that those people and their families truly appreciate the work that we do for them in order to get the blood.  It is just as important to know that we are making a difference in someone’s life, as it is to make others aware of the continuos need to serve.  By serving through AmeriCorps, I feel as though I am a link to a chain of people serving throughout my community and throughout the United States. 

I serve because it is the right thing to do. 

Thanks to AmeriCorps member Valerie Tiu for this post.

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