Two NEW Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? The American Red Cross of Greater Columbus is currently looking for individuals to fill the following volunteer positions:


Community Transportation Fleet Management Volunteer


  • Maintain vehicle maintenance reports. Assist with/complete accident reports as needed
  • Perform weekly/monthly vehicle inspections
  • Assist with the coordination of routine maintenance, cleaning and documentation
  • Restocking of supplies including insurance, registration and accident report forms in each vehicle
  • Transport vehicles to/from service/repair locations as needed
  • Assist with the planning of safety and accident prevention programs
  • Assist with filing and organization of fleet management documents
  • Special projects involving maintenance and mileage performance analysis, as needed


Time Commitment: 1-2 days per week 4-7.5 hrs per day


Community Transportation Clerical and Administrative Support


  • Assist with filing of CTP documents and paperwork
  • Assist with data entry of client schedules
  • Assist with imputing data into other Microsoft application such as Word, Excel, Access etc as well as NOVUS Routing software
  • Answer telephones
  • Assist with Two-Way radio communication (Dispatch) with drivers


Time Commitment: Min 4 hrs per week

For more information please contact Sarah Lewan at

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