A local couple relies on Red Cross for transportation

Avonia and Charles Friece with Ralph, a Red Cross Driver

Many letters often cross through the local Red Cross offices, yet few have the ability to purely express thankfulness and appreciation as the one written by Avonia and Charles Friece.  Charles has multiple systems atrophy, a rare disease which causes widespread damage to the autonomic nervous system.  As a result, his mobility is limited which makes it difficult to perform vital tasks such as getting to doctor’s appointments.  When Avonia was not able to drive Charles, they called the Red Cross Community Transportation Program for assistance and were placed with Dan Stumpf, a friendly veteran driver whom Avonia adamantly raved about.

“Dan is a friendly driver who is thoughtful, patient, and a fantastic person,” states ­­­Avonia.  Every month he picks up the couple and drives Charles to his doctor’s appointment in a prompt and helpful manner.  On one snowy occasion, Dan even asked to borrow salt to melt a patch of ice on their walkway, making for a safer trip to the van.  While Avonia insists that Dan provides excellent service, she affirms that all of the Red Cross drivers are helpful and courteous.  In her parting words she noted that “Red Cross is a God send” and they did not know what they would do without it.

Red Cross drivers took local seniors on more than 19,000 trips last year. Often times, as is the case with the Frieces, many residents have no close family or friends who are able to drive them to critical medical appointments. Your support of the American Red Cross Community Transportation Program provides a safe and reliable means of transportation. Learn more about the program here.

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