Volunteer's own life enriched by giving back: Ted Durkee

For volunteer Ted Durkee working with the Red Cross has been more than just a kind act, but an experience that has led him to reflect on his own values. On board for the past seven years, Durkee is currently a blood donor, trainer and Disaster Action Team Leader (DAT). 

“When we come out on the scene in our Red Cross uniforms and vehicles people are really surprised and grateful,” he said. As a leader of DAT, Durkee takes the team of volunteers under his wing, helping organize and run the 24-hour emergency response team to local disasters, particularly home fires. Durkee explained that it is the simple things, like a teddy bear or clothing, the Red Cross provides that brighten a person’s day after a disaster strikes. He said, “Just the fact that we are there on the scene and give the families and individuals the opportunity to talk to us and figure out where they are going to go from there is great!”

For Durkee, volunteering with the Red Cross has made a huge impact on his perception of life and the local community.  With his volunteering days far from over, he is reminded of how strong his relationships with his family and friends are, and continues to enjoy spending time with those aided by the Red Cross. 

Thanks to C&M Intern Taylor Ray for this post.

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