Sketch Comedy Supports Red Crosss

While there are many exciting events going on at the American Red Cross of Great Columbus in 2010, I had the delightful experience to meet the core members of the Friends of the Red Cross. Last Thursday night, the Shadowbox hosted the group’s meet-up event where proceeds benefitted the American Red Cross. The show provided well-balanced performances with fresh comedy sketches, elaborate music, singing and dances that made the night fly by.

Being able to network with a verity of professionals with different backgrounds, but a common dedication to the Red Cross was refreshing. The Friends of the Red Cross invites young adults to contribute to American Red Cross of Greater Columbus through fundraising, external communications and other exciting projects, all while enhancing, supporting and educating others on the mission of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus.

Everyone’s kindness and the laid back atmosphere really made the evening enjoyable. I appreciate Sarah, Michelle, Ashley, and Nitin for making me feel welcome. As for the next Friends event, I will definitely be making time in my schedule on May 13 to meet them at Gahanna Lanes. See you then!

Thanks to Julie Frim, C&M Intern, for this post.

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