Hometown Heroes Honored

2010 Fayette County American Red Cross Hometown Heroes

Please forgive our blogging absence last week. All eyes were turned to honoring the 2010 Fayette County Hometown Heroes seen here. Our Red Cross here in Columbus supports three outlying Red Cross chapters including the American Red Cross in Fayette County, just down I-71 South. Last week they held their 5th annual Hometown Heroes event. Over the last five years they have honored 27 Hometown Heroes, some who have literally pulled neighbors from burning homes and others who have spent their lives serving the needy in their community.

The 2010 Hometown Heroes included a couple who purchased an old school building and created a center for those in need, a youngster who devotes her free time to helping multi-handicapped students, the county’s Director for the Commission on Aging who raised more than $60,000 during her free time to support Meals on Wheels, a local resident who created a Christmas for the needy program, a retired educator who spent more than 30 years devoting her life to students and a group of McDonald’s employees who saved a family from their burning home. It was energizing to help honor these amazing individuals and raise much-needed funds to support Red Cross programs in the community. Click here to check out more photos from the event and see the work American Red Cross volunteers are doing in Fayette County.

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