Spring Tornado Tips

Spring is approaching and with it, tornado season, typically April through July, however, tornados can happen any time.

Get prepared by ensuring there is a radio in your disaster kit that can be tuned to weather broadcasts in the event of an emergency. Your kit should also have some fun stuff in it, so if you are stuck in the basement for a while you can entertain your family (probably don’t want twister though!)

Make sure you have a plan, so if there is a tornado everyone knows exactly what to do. If you have a basement, designate an area with limited or few windows where you can meet. It’s also a good idea to have some pillows or blankets in case you have to stay in the crouched position with your hands over your head on you knees for a while.

The best way to stay safe is to stay inside during a tornado. You want to be in a secure building firmly held to the ground (cars and mobile homes are not safe during tornados).

AND DO NOT GO CHASE AFTER THE TORNADO! It sounds ridiculous but my roommates in college thought it might be a good idea, thankfully their cars were far away in the parking lot and they didn’t go, but people die every year trying to film a tornado. If you want to see one watch the weather channel!

Check out the Best Tornado Safety Video EVER!

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