My day with some pretty special people

Dee Dee with Patricia, one of our clients.

Last month, I had the privilege of riding with volunteer transportation driver Dee Dee English. I was extremely excited for what was in store especially since it would be my first field trip. Our mission was to transport elderly residents to critical medical appointments. Upon arriving at our first stop, I was overcome with humility and empathy. Having three elderly grandparents of my own, I felt as though I had a special connection with our clients. As we rode along, we picked up more clients and the conversations we had were entertaining and unforgettable.

I learned so much about these cherished Red Cross clients in such little time. Although I experienced such a great time in the company of these residents there was a feeling of sadness that casts it shadow over the whole experience. Many of the clients Dee Dee and I helped transport were either on kidney dialysis or receiving treatment for cancer, and were not feeling like themselves after treatments. As I said before it was a humbling experience because it allowed me to look at life from a different perspective, and realize how precious life is. Thanks to unselfish people like Dee Dee English who volunteer their time, and a wonderful organization like the Red Cross, I was able to do my part to help those in need, and it felt great!


Thanks to James Lewis, C&M Intern, for this post.

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