Dee Dee Helps Haiti

One of the huge advantages of being a volunteer with the American Red Cross is that you get called to volunteer for special assignments. Recently I was asked to help with the Columbus Hope for Haiti fundraiser. My job was to help count the money that was donated. I never imagined the number of people who would drive to the Ohio Historical Society’s parking lot to make a personal donation and I NEVER imagined that people would empty their piggy banks into the donation buckets.

Really, my job entailed counting pennies. We had buckets and buckets of pennies we had to count and wrap. By the end of the day my hands were filthy (money really is dirty) and my back was tired, but it was a great day seeing the generosity of the people of Columbus. Right after I started volunteering with the American Red Cross in 2008 the remnants of Hurricane Ike hit Columbus knocking out power to thousands of Columbus residents for many days, some up to a week. I was able to answer the telephone in Disaster Services department. There are many things you don’t think about when you don’t have electricity for a week. Many of the calls were from elderly residents on fixed incomes who needed food, medicine, electricity to run essential medical equipment or just someone to talk to.  Again, I was so glad I was able to help with such a worthwhile cause.

Click here for info on volunteering with us.

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