OSU Student Shares Red Cross Experiences

I’ve used my time as the Communication and Marketing Intern with the Red Cross to learn, write and share stories of staff, clients and volunteers. I’ve come to know the Community Transportation Program (CTP), Services to Military Families, Disaster Services and Red Cross training—none of which I knew prior to interning here. Before, I was an avid blood donor; the thought of additional services never crossed my mind. One thing I was sure of was the hands-on experience I would get, and I was right.

I served as the on-call media contact should a fire occur in the area. I had the opportunity to notify local media of what the Red Cross was doing for the individuals and families involved. The Red Cross Tiffany Circle invited me to take photos at one of its events. I’m no photographer, but it was nice to be in the presence of women that are doing great things for the community. Anyone interested in interning at the Red Cross should apply. It has definitely been a neat work environment. I can’t thank the staff enough for allowing me to be apart of their team.

Thanks to Jeri Moore, C&M Intern, for this post. We will miss you Jeri!

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